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RailsBridge Savannah: 2/28/2014 & 3/1/2014

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It’s time to get organized for the next RailsBridge in Savannah! This time, we’ll be at the Coastal Georgia Center. The InstallFest will be 2/28 and RailsBridge itself will be on 3/1! You may notice this site is a little different – well, we were asked to keep all of our events on the central RailsBridge site, so we are. That means is free to be something much simpler. I’ll try to keep you updated with ruby-related things going on in the region and opportunities to volunteer your time for technology related “stuff”.

So, if you’re just starting with programming or attended the Intro course already, here are the pages to sign up on!

We’re going to need a lot of volunteers this time as the Intro class is going to be twice as big (40 students vs. 20)! And if you noticed something missing, we’re going to be doing the front-end class we did last time ever other RailsBridge event now since the demand for the Intro to Rails course is so huge and we want to get everyone through it we can.

Stay tuned and I hope to see you there!